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Cloud Backup 

Disaster Recovery is probably the most overlooked routine in IT. Can you imagine having to re-input all of your data and rewrite all of your documents, finance data and policies? Having full and tested backups can stop this and save thousands of pounds and hours of work. Using server-based software we can provide backups to local Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices as well as Cloud storage to provide secure off-site backups. Off-site backups ensures your data is safeguarded from fire, flood, theft, user error and viruses like ransomware.

Completely Secure & UK Based

Security and privacy is our priority, all backups are stored in our UK data centres and are fully encrypted during the transfer and storage.


Once we have setup what you need to be backed up, our system automatically takes the backup on an agreed schedule, usually every night, no more having to swap drives or tapes. If anything goes wrong the system sends a failure report to you and our support team to fix this right away.

Retention & Versions

Set how long you want to keep your backups and how many versions of the file versions you require.

Ransomware Protection

Included in our solution is ransomware protection to ensure that your backup isn’t affected by any attacks.


We understand that a lot of the options for backup can be difficult to decide on, our experienced team will work with you to build your backup schedule and to ensure everything is backed up correctly and securely. Our team are always on hand to make changes, help with restoring data and any issues you may have with our backup solution.

Cloud Backup 

Do you have an application you want hosting in the cloud? 

We have a number of solutions whatever your needs are, get in contact to discuss your requirements.

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