Business Broadband

How a HutEleven Broadband
can benefit your business? 


Using our bank of providers we can find the best solution for your business to ensure you get the best speed for your requirements.


Work from anywhere with our included VPN service. Using our VPN you can work like if you were in the office. Connect to network drives and use your software on a local server anywhere.

Managed Hardware

Our system allows us to remotely manage and maintain your devices. Should your on-site hardware fail, replacements are included in your broadband contract.


If you require web filtering for your business we can provide a solution that fits your needs best. 

Connection Options 

ADSL runs over a standard BT telephone line and is generally used by our schools where a fibre connection is not possible

Typical Speeds: Download 1-20 Mbps | Upload 1-8 Mbps

FTTC runs at much faster speeds. Commonly known as ‘Fibre Broadband’ the connection is run in fibre to the roadside cabinet, then copper to the school.

Typical Speeds: Download 40-80 Mbps | Upload – 10-20 Mbps


FTTP is similar to FTTC but allows you to achieve much higher speeds. Fibre is run in from the road side cabinet directly into the school. This is recommended for schools with high internet usage.

Typical Speeds: Download 40-330 Mbps | Upload 10-100 Mbps


CABLE broadband is not available in every location and is cabled differently using coax cable. This allows for very fast download speeds but uploads tend to be a little slower than FTTP.

Typical Speeds: Download 27-550 Mbps | Upload 5-52 Mbps


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